Click here are a new sensation on Social media. People love to collect and play with these real looking babies. They are available in various sizes and the number of their users is increasing. However, they are slightly costly, and it’s important to take proper care of them. Here are some tips, which can help you to use silicon babies for long.

  • Silicon babies should be treated just like the real babies. Don’t pull them from their limbs and always supports their head while picking them up.
  • If they can’t go in a position comfortably, don’t force them, it can cause damage to their body. If you force them to bend, their body can tear.
  • Change their diaper regularly, leaving it for long time can damage the silicon babies, as diapers have chemicals.
  • Hair is also very important, which you should take care of. Some hair of babies are lost during play. Try to avoid the hair lose, as much as possible. Use gentle combing. If you see the its noticeable, you can reroot hair again by using special crown needles.
  • If you feel dust on the baby, you can use your makeup brush to clean them. Use baby powder to give a refreshing look to your baby.
  • It’s all right to give a bath to your baby, however, a little rinsing will be enough. In case of open eye baby, water should not contact eyes.
  • After rinsing, pat dry your baby and then air dry it completely. You can use cotton buds to dry the water behind and in the ears. Make sure that you completely dry the baby, before dressing. Don’t use lotions, rather powder is good.
  • If your baby is open mouth, use only silicon pacifiers and don’t leave it for long in baby’s mouth.

These are just the few instructions, which can help you to enjoy your play with your silicon babies and you can keep that for long.