June 28, 2021

Is Cosmopolitan Magazine Misleading?

Founded in 1988, Cosmopolitan Magazine was marketed as a family magazine with hints and tips on relationships, beauty, and careers. They stand for quality items and have been an integral part of every woman’s inventory for years. Fast forward this year and Cosmopolitan magazine has grown into an influential superpower for young women with over two million subscribers in the United States and popularity that extends as far as the Philippines.

Given its vast reach and impact on modern women, one of the main concerns is the content of the magazine, which was once a primary source of information on empowering women and creating happy homes.

A quick look at the cover of today’s Cosmopolitan magazine reveals the words “sex” in bold, along with half-naked men and instructions on how to “spice up” relationships. First impressions would lead us to believe that this magazine is for adult entertainment rather than the healthy image it once recognized. Critics are quick to point out that Cosmopolitan magazine insists that its magazine help women improve their relationships, but hypocritically, the magazines are often loaded with pictures of naked men. How could these images possibly help a relationship between men and women? Don’t they promote promiscuity?

Aside from these images, the modern version of Cosmopolitan magazine continues to offer high quality health, beauty and fashion information. Her magazine features in-depth articles written by avid authors with a deep passion for spreading the latest news and gossip. Since Cosmo’s target audience is the 24-34 age group, it could be argued that suggestive images of men are no different, and in some cases less revealing, than their male counterparts such as FHM and Playboy.

In summary, Cosmopolitan has been a long-running magazine providing beauty, health, and relationship advice for women. There is a case where Cosmopolitan magazine could be accused of gross hypocrisy; However, this decision can vary and depends on the perception of each individual reader. Nonetheless, the magazine continues to deliver high quality articles that make it a global bestseller that has won numerous editorial awards.

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