We cannot ignore the importance of marketing and advertisement in the success of any business. No matter, how small or how large a business is, marketing is very important. Fiat is a world class manufacturer for vehicles and has won many international awards. It has market in all continents of the world and continually striving to make best possible vehicles. For the marketing of their cars, they have assigned this responsibility to Impatto, a Michigan based advertising agency. Impatto Fiat makes a winning combination, due to some striking features of Impatto, which are discussed here.

  • Before starting its campaign, Impatto do complete research about the product, they have to present for marketing. They run different analysis to know the history and potential users of the product. In case of Impatto Fiat, things were not easy as Fiat has verity of customers all over the world.
  • Next comes the strategy planning, which is different for different products. This is very important aspect of any advertising campaign.
  • They also work on customer relationship management. Impatto Fiat aim to build even stronger relationships.
  • Brand identity and brand experience are other important factors. Fiat has already established as brand, but the duo Impatto Fiat has to make it more prominent.
  • Company works on videography and photography aspects as well. They create attractive videos and pictures for print and electronic media.

Impatto works on each and every aspect of advertisement. This is an integrated agency, and Impatto Fiat is supposed to be a lethal combination. It is considered that Fiat has select the right company for the marketing of its world-renowned cars. The television campaign is very effective, which have a proper message and conveys the simplicity of vehicle to the potential customers. We hope, this combination will bring great outcomes for Fiat and the collaboration will continue.