For all those who live in high rise buildings, growing fruits and vegetables is like a dream as they rue lack of space and ground. But the invention of grow tents has solved the problems of all such people. Using hydroponics, the science of growing plants using water as medium, anyone can grow fruits and vegetables indoors. If you are looking for a large grow tent that is strong and durable, do not look any further than Gorilla grow tents. Gorilla 10X20 is a fine example of best quality and long lasting medium for growing plants in your room. As the name implies, it makes available 10X20 feet space to you to grow exotic fruits and vegetables in your home.


Specific features of Gorilla 10X20 grow tent

  • Measures 10X20X7 feet
  • Height extended by 1 foot using a kit
  • Weight 308 pounds
  • High density canvas which is waterproof
  • Number of doors 6
  • Multiple ports for ducting and electricity
  • Metallic poles
  • Strong frame
  • Infrared blocking feature
  • Flood protection pool
  • Easy to set up grow tent
  • Ease of access to your plants


You can grow practically any fruit or plant that you want with the help of this wonderful grow tent. All you need to do is to follow the instructions pertaining to right amounts of nutrients for your plant. Gorilla 10×20 Grow Tent – 10% Off for Limited Time provides enough space to grow a large number of plants inside your home to fulfil your dreams. Inside this tent, you can provide ideal temperature and humidity conditions to your tender plants to make them grow thick and fast.


Gorilla 10X20 comes to inside a packing. You can easily unbox and set the tent inside any of your rooms in the apartment or house. The tent is also very easy to dismantle and carry to any other place should you so desire.