If you are fond of vaping and looking for a Firefly 2 coupon code, you have come to the right place. Firefly 2 is the latest version of Firefly, a vaporizer that revolutionized the world of vaping when it was introduced in 2012. Firefly 2 is a worthy sequel to the original vaporizer as it continues to produce top notch vapors of herbs and concentrates but become smaller and lighter. It is also much quicker than its predecessor as it starts to produce fumes in just 3 seconds. Yes, you heard it right. Just press a button after placing small quantity of herb on the glass bowl and this amazing device gives you superb flavors within seconds.


Firefly 2 operates on a battery that can be charged like your Smartphone battery and it lasts long once it has been charged. You can move taking this sleek and stylish vaporizer in your pocket and start vaping wherever you want. It is 33% lighter than Firefly and also much smaller in size. As far as looks and design are concerned, Firefly 2 is perhaps the most stylish and good looking vaporizer ever to hit the market. The best part of Firefly 2 is that it is very easy t use. It has only 2 buttons and both are touch capacitive. Load the glass bowl and touch the buttons and they start to heat the content. You are ready to inhale delicious vapors within a few seconds from the stubby spout made at the end of the device. The gumes are so clean and smooth that you forget all other vaporizers that you have used until now.


Big benefit of Firefly 2 is that it is convection based so that it heats the herb only when you start to inhale. This means no wastage of expensive herb.